How to get to Dhamma Sacca

Dhamma Sacca is located on road CL-501, Km. 85.6 - 05480 - Candeleda, Ávila

Arrival and Departure Information

All students are requested to arrive at the centre Between 14.00 and 17.00 on the day the course begins. When registration is completed a light meal will be served, followed by an introductory talk before the course begins. The course will finish at approximately 7.30 a.m. on the last day. All students, whether old or new, are asked to remain until the end of the course. Old students are not allowed to leave the centre during Metta Day (Day 10) except in an emergency or when previously agreed with the Assistant Teachers.

All the routes to Dhamma Sacca finish in Candaleda, the nearest village, which is 3.8 km from the centre. The three main access roads are from Talavera de la Reina (66km), Ávila (104 km) and Madrid (188km). Below are details of different means of transport and routes to arrive at Dhamma Sacca.

By car

  1. From Madrid: There are two routes to arrive at Dhamma Sacca from Madrid:
    1. Madrid - Talavera de la Reina - Candeleda, by the A5 motorway. Take the exit at km 123 Talavera de la Reina and continue on the N502 and the CL501 (187 km) or take the exit at KM 148 Oropesa and continue on the CM5150 and the AV910 (188km).
    2. Madrid - Candeleda by the M501 and CL501 roads (166km).
  2. From Ávila: Take the N110/N502/CL501 roads. (104km).


The postcode of the centre is ES 05480. The GPS co-ordinates are: Latitude 40.1476167 Longitude: -5.284953


Public Transport

The only way to complete the last stage of the journey to Dhamma Sacca is by bus. This method can be combined with others (plane, train). Below are different ways to get to Dhamma Sacca, it is likely that you will have to combine different means, depending on where you are coming from.

Public Bus

The main bus routes to Dhamma Sacca are:

  1. Madrid - Estación Príncipe Pio to Candeleda. Line 904. We recommend the bus leaving at 11.00, which arrives at 13.50. Avoid taking the 17.00 bus as it arrives late at Candeleda, out of the registration time at 19:45.
  2. Madrid - Estación Sur to Candeleda (transfer at Arenas de San Pedro). Line 801. If it's not possible to take the bus 904 at 11:00 from Principe Pío, another possibility is to take bus 801 at 13:00 from Madrid - Estación Sur to Arenas de San Pedro, and transfer to 16:30 bus from Arenas de San Pedro to Candeleda (only work days) arriving at Estación de Candeleda at 17:00. It's also possible to take the 16:00 bus arriving at Candeleda station at 18:40 (attention, this ticket it's only sold at the station). Avoid this service as it arrives at Candeleda out of the registration time.
  3. Talavera de la Reina to Candeleda. Line 904.
  4. Ávila - Candeleda (through Arenas de San Pedro). From Ávila it is only possible to reach Dhamma Sacca from Monday to Friday. The bus leaves Ávila at 15.00 and arrives at Candeleda station at 17:00

Other possible bus routes are: Barcelona - Talavera de la Reina - Zafra Not a regular service, depending on Public Holidays.

Lisbon to Badajoz. Three companies operate the route from Lisbon to Badajoz. Alsa Internacional, Avanza and Flixbus. From Badajoz there is a train to Talavera de la Reina, you can consult the timetable. To get to the train station form the bus station you can take the city bus C1 (from the Vicente Algaba bus stop to the Carolina Coronado bus stop) or the city bus C2 (from the Jacobo Pereira bus stop to the Carolina Coronado bus stop).

Seville to Mérida. Line 0101. It is possile to get a train from Merida to Talavera de la Reina. The distance from the bus station to the train station in Merida is about 1.6 km.



‍Pickup from Candeleda Bus Station

On the first day of the course the centre vehicle will come and pick you up from Candeleda bus station. Please do not try to walk from here, as there is no pavement on the road.

The pickup service operates with the arrival of the 801 and 904 buses from Madrid and Talavera de la Reina.


By Plane

There are domestic flights from most Spanish airports to Madrid. AENA

The nearest international airport to Dhamma Sacca is Madrid. AENA

From Madrid airport there are various public transport options:

A short distance train connects Madrid airport (Terminal T4) to Atocha and Príncipe Pio stations, from where you can get to the two main bus stations in Madrid, Estacion Sur and Príncipe Pio.
From Atocha you can get to the direct bus service to Dhamma Sacca, see the bus links.


By Train

  1. AVE (high speed train) to Madrid

  2. Badajoz - Mérida - Talavera de la Reina - Madrid line. The Badajoz and Talavera de la Reina connections make it possible to combine with the Lisbon bus. From Badajoz the 07.17 train is recommended, from Mérida the 8.30. To connect with the bus from Talavera de la Reina to Candeleda, there is a distance of 1km between the train station and the bus station.

  3. Rail connection with Ávila. Connections to Valladolid, Salamanca, León and San Sebastian. Connection to the bus from Ávila to Candeleda. Ávila bus station is 400 metres from the train station. Remember that it is only possible to get to Dhamma Sacca from Ávila from Monday to Friday (not holidays) and that the only service leaves Ávila at 15.00.


By taxi

Short and long distance taxi service exists to reach Dhamma Sacca. For the moment, the Center hasn’t made any agreements with taxi companies to offer special rates. See links for taxis.


Return Journey

Sometimes a carshare with other students is possible. There will be a list of rides offered and wanted at the end of the course. You can consult the Information link for Dhamma Sacca or Dhamma Neru.

Public transport works to a regular schedule from Monday to Friday. At weekends there is an irregular service with fewer options, usually in the nearest villages. Consult the timetables for public transport for weekends and holidays.


Day 0 of the course, centre vehicle for the journey from Candeleda bus station:

+34 872 089 200

If you have any queries about te journey to the Centre, please write to [email protected]


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