The Foundation

"The Fundación Vipassana Dhamma Sacca” is a non-profit organisation whose sole aim is to help others learn the Vipassana meditation technique as taught by the late S.N. Goenka in the Sayagyi U Ba Khin tradition. 

Vipassana (and Anapana) meditation is the technique for developing concentration, wisdom and teaching high moral values, as rediscovered and taught by the Buddha. The technique provides an effective method for promoting world peace and harmony among people, nations and religions.


The Foundation organises 10-day courses throughout the year in which participants can learn the technique used in Vipassana meditation.

In addition, courses of varying lengths are organised for old students (those who have completed at least one 10-day course in this tradition); Vipassana meditation courses for prison staff and inmates and Anapana meditation courses for children and teenagers.

Our organisation and activities are financed by donations from old students. Donations are used exclusively to pursue the objective described above.

The calendar of courses can be found at the following link:

History of the Vipassana Foundation in Spain

1985- The first 10-day course is held in Spain in El Gamonal (Toledo), attended by 12 people.

-1987 - Between 1987 and 1999 courses were held in the provinces of Guadalajara, Murcia, Valencia, Barcelona, Alicante and Segovia with an attendance of between 40 and 80 students.

-1996- In the centre of Sangarcía (Segovia) the first children's course takes place.

-1999- From 1995 onwards, the need to find a permanent place to hold the courses became apparent. On 22nd June 1999, the first Vipassana centre in Spain was purchased in Santa Maria de Palautordera (Barcelona). S.N. Goenkaji gave this first Vipassana centre the name "Dhamma Neru", which means "Heavenly Mountain of Dhamma". The Association becomes the Private Vipassana Foundation.

2003- In April a 10-day course is held in the "Centro Penitenciario de Brians" in Catalonia, the first course in a prison in Europe.

-2008 - In addition to the meditation courses held at Dhamma Neru, the Foundation also offers courses in other areas of Spain such as Central Spain, Galicia, Canary Islands, Balearic Islands, Levante and Andalusia. Due to the increasing demand for course places, the Foundation gives the green light to the possibility of purchasing a new centre in Central Spain.

-2013- On the 4th of October 2013, the property is purchased to build the second meditation centre in Spain, located in the town of Candeleda (Ávila) in the south of the Gredos mountain range. A few days before the purchase, news of the death of S.N. Goenka was received. This is the first centre that has been bought after his death and was baptised with the name "Dhamma Sacca" which means the "Truth of Dhamma".

-2015 - On 18 May 2015 the Fundación Privada Vipassana of Spain started the construction of the new Dhamma Sacca meditation centre. After completion of the first phase of construction, the centre starts to organise courses in August 2016.

- 2019-2020 - In 2019, following the indications set by S.N. Goenka about the independence in the management of each centre, the Board of Trustees agrees to split the Fundación Privada Vipassana into two Foundations, giving birth to the Fundación Vipassana Dhamma Sacca, which is officially registered on 22 June 2020.